still some glitches

iBlog hasn't performed reliably yet.

Well this blog is up at

Note the auto-generated directory path...

What a lovely, easy to remember and/or type address, eh? "B-number-number-number-ad-nauseam" as the folder name?! Sheesh. Only a geek could love it.

Numerous attempts to "publish" have hung up and quit during the FTP transfer process (one can choose one of several ways to transfer the blog files; I still prefer FTP.)

It seemed to be choking on an image transfer (specifically the creation of the subfolder for the image and the transfer of the image itself), so I thought I'd get around that by putting in a link to the image, which I now created a subfolder for on my existing site. But of course, when you type HTML tags, iBlog, in its zeal to insulate you from having to input any HTML, renders the "<" and ">" as those actual characters by coding them as the HTML tags for "less than" and "greater than", instead of recognizing that one has specified a tag, in this case an "img" tag. So instead of the image, I got the tag displayed. Ela malaka... WHY is there no way to tell iBlog "OK, now I want to input a standard HTML tag in my entry text, and I want you to leave it alone"?

So - I had to fire up my regular FTP client, find the damn "index.html" file iBlog generated (trial and error hunting through the various subfolders iBlog auto-created and transferring each likely suspect back over to my local computer just to inspect it in BBEdit), edit it (in BBEdit) to change it back to an actual "img" tag, and then transfer it back to the folder I found it in. And so you now see the pic of Chet Helms.

I'd better not have to handle all images this way.

Posted: Tue - June 28, 2005 at 09:08 PM